1. Dawn of a new era

    The current state of the creative industry suggests that we are at the verge of a new era. An opportunity for new ideas, activities and solutions.

    In Order to fully reflect and enable exchange in such a diverse ecosystem we will build a platform and network for web3 creators, collaboration and toolsets.

  2. Our Mission

    Driven by the urge to create a collective habitat, METAHIVE will become the birth-place of a new league of web3 creators.

    Our mission is to create a platform and network of builders, which enables the next 10.000 creatives to participate in / create novel web3 experiences.

  3. Team

    We believe in an interdisciplinary approach towards design and creation. Ideas can come in all shapes and sizes and our ability to identify and enhance their potential is an important collective skill in order to establish an inclusive and constructive community.

    Our team is directed by Maximilian Heitsch (@maxxyzio), a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in directing and managing projects at the intersection of art, community and technology. As a co-founder of Moby Digg, a digital agency recognized for its work with over 100 awards, including Cannes Lions and ADC Grand Prix, he has established himself as a visionary in the industry. His work has been exhibited at venues such as the Goethe Institute Tokyo, SXSW, DLD Conference, and the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. Capitalizing on his ability to build and engage communities, in 2022, Max co-founded the web3 company Metadibs, which launched OREMOB — now one of the top Cardano NFT projects of all time.

    Our Munich based team consists of various creatives and managers, all fixed employees of METAHIVE. Among them are well experienced 3D artists, developers and project managers. We are a well oiled machine, able to produce professional products and experiences.


  1. 1. Initiation

    • Encase by OREMOB Partnership
    • 500+ Followers on Twitter
    • Encased OG Drop with 33 CNFTs
  2. 2. Grow OGs

    • Website Update incl. Roadmap Release
    • 1.500+ Followers on Twitter
    • Airdrop of Whitelist Tokens
    • Encased Drop with 333 CNFTs
  3. 3. Airdrops

    • Special Airdrop to 33 and 333 CNFT holders
    • 200+ Holders of METAHIVE CNFTs
    • Discord Opens & Founders Calls Start
  4. 4. Token Release

    • Release of METAHIVE Utility Token
    • Website Update
    • 5.000+ Followers on Twitter
    • GitBook Release
  5. 5. PFP Drop

    • 7.500+ Followers on Twitter
    • 10K Profile Picture Drop of 3D Avatars
    • METAHIVE Stake Pool Once Sold Out
  6. 6. Product

    • Prototyping Starts
    • Release of Alpha Version of Product
    • Release of 1st Custom Product
  7. Afterwards

    • Release of further Product Features / Collabs / Experiences
    • Introduction of Fashion Line
    • First IRL Event
    • Marketplace for Suppliers


METAHIVE is a Cardano NFT project, directed by Metadibs / OREMOB co-founder @maxxyzio with the aim to create a platform and network for web3 creators, collaboration and toolsets. We want to give creative builders the tools they need to build web3 projects.

33 OG Drop: 1c2ecd272152a5b1ee7646d54a71590dac985391404a2cff5364aede

METAHIVE OG CHARM V1: 51a60154cbf9fbdac94936a0914ef054b3c9bff2c9698c9ca454dcc1

METAHIVE OREMOB CHARM V1: c321fb7f50d531e1fc59a4234d6933eba4614316c629e4b59209953b

METAHIVE WL CHARM V1: f7ae67a872989c77a11815b67630b4c8c4be4cc7598e68673213e0dc

333 OG Drop: 2940bc0ad154de94be0bda5e53474039e34c513c64b23ab8d7fba61b

METAHIVE CAPSULE: 773dffe3206c5296f44b8c844ef6fe2dfb657e1391dc973a91a0deb7

METAHIVE ZEPHYRA TITAN AIRDROP: 99af3cd7957e8e126b33f09faf2acb3ae502bca2c273c13102898350

Build and participate:
- Participation in founder calls once Discord is live
- Invitation of future OG members
- Appreciation airdrop specific to all 33 holders

Upcoming drops:
- Discounts on mint prices
- Access to OG pool of up to 15% of total supply
- Fixed whitelist spots
- Always first in row through OG pre-sales
- Higher chance to mint rare pieces

- Appreciation airdrop specific to all 333 holders

Upcoming drops:
- Access to OG pool of up to 15% of total supply
- Fixed whitelist spots
- Always first in row during pre-sales

We've already build successful projects on Cardano, such as the OREMOB project, and want to further work with the trust we've built within the community. Aside we think the CNFT Community has a lot to offer. There is a huge demand for great products and the crowd of active degens is growing consistently. Aside Cardano was and is an eco-friendly blockchain, which is important to us.

Yes, we have a Discord, you can get in here: https://discord.gg/WvDrcdHT2n.


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